Citrix NetScaler on Windows 10/8

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Citrix NetScaler SSLVPN on Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10

Symptom: Worked from home until you upgraded to Windows 10 and now get a protocol error?


Cause: The Access Gateway wrongly uses Java which cant do SSLVPN since its not a support platform so need trick the NetScaler into thinking we are using Internet Explorer 10 not 11.

Open Internet Explorer 11 > Settings > F12 Developer Tools > Emulation

and set Document Mode and User Agent string to Internet Explorer 10.


Note: Press the top left button to persist these settings.


Configure Access Gateway > Profile > Change Profile > Options


To Logon:

Right click AGEE client icon (in system tray) > Logon


Don’t yet have Citrix Access Gateway installed?

  • Download and install AGEE_setup.exe (Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition) client Plug-in for Windows Click Here
  • If windows blocks the Network Components install due to an apparent unsigned driver and the plugin fails to start then first disable Windows Bitlocker then disable Secure Boot in the UEFI (BIOS).
  • If you get “Unable to manage networking component” when installing then continue these steps
  • “DNE Deterministic Networks Enhancer” couldnt be automatically installed, so we do it our self
  • Download and Run Citrix DNE Winfix.exe to clear out any DNE   Click Here
  • Download and Run Citrix DNEupdate64.msi (assuming 64bit)      Click Here
  • Now try to Install the Netscaler Gateway again
  • Enter your VPN URL as a String called LastURL using regedit and path HCU\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Secure Access Client  ( URL starts https:// )
  • Make IE your default browser temporary and restart your PC
  • Right click on the system tray Gateway icon and logon
  • This starts IE11 to enter your credentials. Hit F12 and emulate IE10 as above
  • Enter your credentials and allow the Gateway to update itself
  • Let the Gateway take your credentials  as defined above
  • Restore your default browser

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