Sharp Reminders

When first launched the list is empty. Click the Plus button to add reminders.


To show the age within a description enclose the year in square brackets.

"Notice Days" turns the reminder orange when the event is within this notice period.

"Auto Clear" may be set here or from the list and lets the reminder be removed or rolled over once past.

An asterisk precedes the description in the list if Mondayised has been applied.


For reminders at a specific time select "At Time" and an optional alarm as follows.

If "Set Alarm" is selected then a message (including comments) will appear when due.

If "Mins warning" is non zero then this reminder will turn yellow before the alarm.


"Good Friday" is an inbuilt holiday and can be selected using the Description dropdown list.

The appropriate settings are automatically loaded as below.


The full list of inbuilt holidays follows and covers those in New Zealand and some in Australia.

Stat List

When creating your own reminders there are various classifications available as follows:

  • Birthday - Assumes every year on a fixed day.
  • Stat (statutory) Day and Anniversay - Assumes it will be Mondayised.
  • Appointment and Other - Allows the time to be entered.
  • Otherwise its assumed as once only.


The reminder could happen just once on a set date or every so many years, months etc

Every Settings

If repeating, then the actual date may be a fixed day every year, or month or calculated.

Date Type Fixed

Or if Select, then select the appropriate days of the week the event occurs on.

Week Days

Else just enter the number of days, hours or minutes.

Freq Num Units

If the date is to be calculated then select the criteria below.

"Days offset" is normally zero but can be used to further adjust the date calculated. 

"Canterbury Anniversary" occurs on the second Friday after the first Tuesday in November.

ie. 10 days offset from the Calculated date defined below.


Calculated dates can be Every First Monday or any other combination below:


And finally select the Month and enter the Year as above.

For Stat Days and Anniversary classifications select the Mondayise type.


Use "No" for personal anniversaries, "Next" for the following Monday, "Nearest" for the previous or next Monday whichever is closest.

"Federal" is for American holidays which move to the Friday or the Monday whichever is closest. 


You may refine your list by classification using the dropdown list below or by typing directly into the filter box below. 


You may "export" your list using the main menu. It is saved as XML format and only visible reminders (those filtered) will be exported.  

Or you may want to "import" (and merge) a list from somebody else. This is a good way to share holiday dates.

File Menu

If you would like to view your list on your smart phone you may "upload" it once the settings are completed below.

To upload you need cloud storage for an FTP file transfer. Your ISP probably provides you with home page space.

The list is saved as an HTML file (java embedded) and named as per your machine name (see below in brackets).


To view this list on your smart phone first install the free phone App Websnap - Web capture, Web Widget.

The path you would use within the App, given the settings above is

But this would differ depending on your ISP or FTP site used.


How Websnap looks with the list loaded. The list is scroll-able.

The days count down and become negative once past until the next upload from your computer.

How to use Websnap

Don't forget to enable JavaScript within the Websnap widget settings and turn off WiFi only so you can get updates on the go.